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Latest News From Alliance Business Centers Network.

Originally Published on Allwork

Alliance Virtual Offices Expands Marketing Opportunities with 'Same Day Virtual' Partnership
April 5, 2016

Alliance Members now have the opportunity to immediately double their virtual office marketing coverage, as a result of a new joint venture partnership between Alliance Virtual Offices and innovative marketing platform, Same Day Virtual.

Alliance Virtual Offices is delighted to announce a joint venture with Same Day Virtual - an innovative turnkey marketing solution created by Alliance member Edwin Akoubians.

Created for Virtual Office operators who are members of the Alliance Network, this new collaboration is designed to sharply accelerate the marketing coverage for virtual office and meeting room services.

Alliance Virtual Offices already provides market-leading technology and an established operational infrastructure for wholesaling virtual offices, meeting rooms and other related services. Same Day Virtual complements this offering by providing intuitive marketing solutions including a newly designed website, backed by significant investment, resulting in a robust online marketing platform.

Virtual office inventory will be available on Same Day Virtual, now an affiliated company of Alliance Virtual Offices. This effectively doubles the coverage of Alliance members' virtual office and meeting room services, instantly strengthening their potential client reach.

Members face no additional cost or commitment for this partnership as all Alliance inventory will be automatically added to Same Day Virtual. There are also no additional relationships or data to maintain as the system is built on existing Alliance technology and operations infrastructure.

Alliance is always innovating and constantly seeking new ways to empower and serve its members. This partnership with Same Day Virtual is yet another move by Alliance to deliver more value and drive more business to independent operators the world over. In addition, Edwin Akoubians' experience of the industry, his extensive marketing knowledge and valuable contacts will help to ensure that Alliance members remain at the very forefront of our evolving industry.

Edwin Akoubians commented:

“The strategic partnership between Alliance and Same Day Virtual brings together the strengths of two different companies to create a beneficial marketing platform for our members. Alliance has been a pleasure to work with, providing great technology, infrastructure and support throughout the process. We hope and expect to bring business to Alliance members for years to come.”

Mike Sullivan, Chief Marketing Officer at Alliance Virtual Offices, commented:

“This partnership presents exciting and invaluable opportunities for further expansion and growth for our members. A rising tide lifts all boats, and we are happy to leverage our infrastructure to enable all our members to reach their goals. That includes those who bring us innovative ideas on growth through joint ventures, such as our latest collaboration with Edwin. We look forward to continue working with Edwin and to greatly enhancing our members’ marketing potential.”

About Alliance Virtual Offices:

Alliance Virtual Offices was founded in 2007 to support small businesses with the provision of premium virtual office and telecommunications solutions, including real office addresses, local phone numbers, leading VoIP technology, and live receptionist services. As part of the Alliance Business Centers Network established in 1992, Alliance Virtual Offices delivers a combination of people, place and technology to provide growing businesses with everything they need for instant credibility.

About Same Day Virtual:

Same Day Virtual was founded by Edwin Akoubians in 2015 and is headquartered in Las Vegas, NV. It is an online marketing platform for business centers throughout the world to enable them to acquire new business for their office space, meeting rooms and virtual offices. Same Day Virtual differentiates itself by providing one-on-one, boutique-style communication and service to its partner centers and end-users.

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Flexible Workspace Operator Idea Sq. Joins the Alliance Network
April 1, 2016

The Alliance Network is known for being the largest network of independently owned and managed flexible workspaces.

For years now the ABCN portfolio has been continually growing, and in recent years the Network expanded from business centers and virtual offices, to also welcoming coworking centers.

The latest addition to the Alliance Network is Idea Square, a flexible workspace operator in Mumbai, India. Idea Sq. offers a range of services, from meeting rooms to a coworking center and Kaushal Mehta comments how at Idea Sq., “We work with the vision of transforming austere spaces into creative, innovative, and productive environments that take businesses to new heights.”

True to the flexible aspect of today’s work style trends, Idea Sq. offers different memberships and services. A service that they offer that caught ABCN’s attention is their concept of ‘Instant Offices’, which Mr. Mehta explains are ready to use spaces that businesses and companies can rent in the case of natural or man-made disasters. Their goal is to aid these companies in continuing their operations while they repair their headquarters or set up office in a new location.

Mr. Mehta also comments how their products can appeal to a wide variety of clients, as they have cost-effective services as well as more luxurious and private workspaces. Regardless of the service type, Idea Sq. provides all clients help in the areas of housekeeping, administrative and security services.

As for joining the Alliance Network, Mr. Mehta stressed the value of ABCN’s expertise and knowledge, as well as the opportunity for them to grow their market, attract new clients, and increase their profit. However, he goes further and says the the most important benefit to them is that Alliance counts with 650 locations in over 40 countries, which will provide them with a unique opportunity to network and stay current on workplace trends and insights.

Future plans of Idea Sq. include opening up more locations while “maintaining stride with their objective of offering creative, innovative, and productive environments by implementing the most advanced technologies within their realm.”

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ABCN Announces Conference Partnership with GCUC
January 18, 2016

The Alliance Network is delighted to announce a joint partnership with GCUC, the Global Coworking Unconference Conference. Together, the new 'GCUC Alliance' will deliver an exciting program of events for the flexible workspace community throughout 2016.

In the space of little more than two decades, the Alliance Business Centers Network (ABCN) has hosted 34 Strategic Summits and WorldView Forums to bring together the best and brightest minds in the business center and serviced office industry.

During that time, coworking has emerged as a global phenomenon that's proven itself capable of delivering not just cutting-edge workspaces; but a new market that has forever changed the way the world understands workspace and flexible working practices.

Leading the field of coworking conferences is GCUC (pronounced 'Juicy'), which has quickly established itself as the largest coworking conference series in the world since its inception in 2010.

In 2016, these two highly respected brands have joined forces to form the GCUC Alliance Conference, which is set to reinvent the business center and coworking meet-ups of yesteryear by bringing both worlds together in the true spirit of workplace collaboration.

Frank Cottle, founder and Chairman of ABCN, commented: "It's rare when two organizations share a simple commitment to our industry; and two become one in their equal efforts to raise awareness and understanding with a broadly based platform. Not only that, but it just seemed like fun! Let's just do it... together!"

"It's very "co" of us to join forces; why wouldn't we collaborate and cowork?" says Liz Elam, Executive Producer of GCUC and Founder of Link Coworking. "At GCUC we're constantly looking for partners that can help us add value to our network. ABCN is helping us to build our global networks, extend programming and grow our joint content."

The new Juicy Alliance will offer programming to over 2,500 attendees in various cities around the world, starting in Los Angeles, CA at the Steelcase WorkLife Center from May 3rd - 6th 2016.

The conference will also take place in Canada, South America, Australia, China, and a surprise location.

Commenting on the conference program, Liz added: "We want to deliver inclusive programming that can speak to a larger audience and deliver the best industry event in the world. Attendees can expect the same vibrant, exciting, off-the-grid event you've come to expect from us with some new friends in the room. It's that simple."

Reservations are now being taken for the first GCUC Alliance Conference from May 3rd - 6th 2016 at the Steelcase WorkLife Center in Los Angeles, CA.
Find out more and book online here.

About Alliance
Alliance is the largest global network of serviced offices in the world, with more than 650 locations in 40 countries, and counting. Combining the best of people, place and technology, Alliance provides solutions to mobile workers, entrepreneurs, small businesses and corporates. For over two decades, Alliance Summits have helped to shape and grow our industry by challenging ideas, pushing boundaries, and promoting innovative freedom.

About GCUC
After taking over the Unconference in the Summer of 2010, Liz Elam rebranded it to GCUC (Global Coworking Unconference Conference). Since then GCUC has hosted conferences in Austin, TX, Kansas City, MO, Australia, Canada, and China. We're already living the long-awaited future of work and coworking is spelled all over this workplace revolution.

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From Idea Development to Client Referrals: Demonstrating Value in a Strong Network
December 14, 2015

Why are networks important? What do workspace operators stand to gain from joining with others? Where is the value?

ABCN (Alliance Business Centers Network) seeks to demonstrate the value of industry networks by speaking to its own members to learn exactly how they, and their clients, benefit.

First we spoke to Sherif Kamel, CEO of Alliance Business Centers RMEA (Russia, Middle East, and Africa). Sherif is expanding the Alliance brand across RMEA and in so doing, is providing greater strength and value for member centers in the global ABCN network.

In this second and final part, we dig a little deeper into the specifics of his connection with Alliance and how it's helping his team to expand across the Middle East, as well as deliver outstanding everyday service to their business center clients.

Here's what we learned:

Can you explain how the ABCN Network has helped you to develop and expand in the Middle East?

The ABCN Network constantly supports the efforts of our expansions with great marketing back up, global web support, client referral and idea development. ABCN's annual conference also helps bring awareness to the latest updates in the serviced office and business center industry and highlight important factors that make a difference as the client and the brand advances.

Can you name any specific challenges or obstacles that your Business Centers have helped clients to overcome?

Time management would probably top the list. Clients normally come to us with almost no time to get their business up and running. Our team takes charge to prepare all the requirements and get them settled in their office, furniture and all, in no time.

Small and medium businesses along with independent entrepreneurs also face the challenge of not having a big team that can support them. However as they join our network, they become part of our community. The support they get from our team – customer service, receptionists, concierge services – is something they appreciate as it allows them to put more time into their business.

Another worry is finding locations abroad. We can help clients find workspace in our business centers throughout the Middle East but we also rely on the ABCN network for immediate access to meeting rooms and office space in other locations.

Which workspace service is generally the most popular?

Serviced offices are the big star, as of now. It has all the facilities clients require and you can really see how it helps businesses get their work done more effectively and in a professional environment.

Business startup [a service similar to virtual offices to support startup businesses] is also a great hit. Clients know that the business center consultant will take care of everything – it's a huge time and cost saver, particularly as most clients are doing this for the first time so naturally they don't know the process.

We have noticed that the virtual office is growing more and more on a daily basis. People now understand it more and it's capturing a grander presence in the market as more businesses comprehend this unique form of business facility.

In which areas in RMEA do you plan to launch next?

2016 is a big year for ABCN RMEA. Some of the many centers that will be operational by 2016 are ABCN Bahrain, ABCN Oman, ABCN KSA, ABCN Kuwait, ABCN Russia, ABCN Lebanon and many more. So watch this space!

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Collins Street Business Center Joins ABCN
May 11, 2016

The largest Business Center operator in Melbourne has joined the ranks of the Alliance Network.

Collins Street Business Center, a flexible workspace operator in Australia that’s been around for about 20 years, recently became a member of the Alliance Business Centers Network.

Partakers in the philosophy that flexible workspaces need to be flexible (as in hybrid models), Collins Street offers a wide range of workstations -- starting by individual ones to workstations that can welcome groups/businesses of up to 100 team members.

Their flexibility in terms of memberships and types of workstations (managed offices, virtual offices, coworking) has enabled them to nurture a strong community in their workspace.

“We have a lovely community in our centers. People feel comfortable and happy in our environment, which is why they spend so much time in our spaces,” Michael Benson, CEO, tells us.

Talking about the Alliance Network and making the decision to become a member, Mr. Benson mentions: “Alliance will give us the ability to offer our members meeting rooms and workspaces in Australia and around the world, while also assuring us and our members that the services and workspaces offered by others will be of a similar quality as the ones we provide at Collins Street.”

Furthermore, Mr. Benson goes on to explain other benefits of the new membership.

“With ABCN we hope to get more inquiries and grow our virtual business. We’re also keen on the idea of sharing and gaining information with other Alliance members, learning about new products, trends, and ideas that as an industry we can work and develop on.”

“Being a part of the Alliance Network allows us, as independent operators, to compete with the likes of Regus, as it allows us to have access to a global market of flexible workspace users.”

As for the local market, Mr. Benson believes Collins Street has various differentiating factors that allow them to compete and be successful in the Melbourne market.

“Our fit out is very edgy and contemporary, we offer a wide range of workspaces, our staff is well-trained, and we have an in-house IT team available 24/7 to all of our members.”

Collins Street recently opened a new location, 350 Collins St., which boasts an entire floor dedicated to meeting rooms, training, and video conference.

Regarding future plans, Mr. Benson tells us how Collins Street is about to embark on an Asian and Australian expansion, with hopes to be present in most Australian cities and major Asian cities within the next 3-5 years.

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ABCN Announces Joint Venture Partnership with Your City Office
April 28, 2016

The Alliance Business Centers Network (ABCN) is delighted to announce a joint venture partnership with Your City Office, a respected and leading global provider of virtual and serviced offices based in London, UK.

The Alliance Business Centers Network recently expanded its senior team and strengthened its presence by forming partnerships with Flexado in The Netherlands and Meeting Hub in Australia.

Now, Alliance is delighted to further strengthen its global growth strategy by announcing a partnership with Your City Office, a long-established provider of office space and virtual office services, serving thousands of customers from across the globe.

London-based Your City Office was founded by Simeon Gabriel Howard in 2005. The company works with numerous operators in the industry to help establish and build Virtual Office portfolios using in-house technology and marketing, designed to drive volume with multiple revenue verticals. Over the years, Simeon has helped businesses generate millions in revenue by providing access to thousands of companies and individuals seeking virtual or serviced office space across London, the UK, and worldwide.

As a result of its partnership with Your City Office, the Alliance Business Centers Network and its virtual office service, Alliance Virtual Offices, will expand its inventory and technology offerings with immediate effect. The move not only increases Alliance's reach virtually overnight; it also brings instant value and additional benefits to Alliance Members.

Simeon commented:

"The most interesting part of this joint venture is the fusion of our collective knowledge and technology. Our offering will be a hybrid of core elements from both organisations… essentially a mix of the best things we do, to offer something even more substantial and exciting. The businesses are each in their own right, market leaders in what they do, and I’m very much looking forward to working with Frank and the rest of the ABCN/YCO team, to provide exceptional value to our members and partners."

Frank Cottle, founder and Chairman of Alliance Business Centers Network, commented:

"Alliance is constantly seeking to bring value to our members, and this joint venture with Simeon and Your City Office is an exciting milestone in our journey. Simeon's knowledge, expertise and market-leading technology brings fantastic opportunities to our members and enables us to serve the Network in innovative new ways."

"We believe that the relationships we are forging with key industry people, including Simeon at Your City Office, Ramon ten Tije at Flexado and Steve Golding at MeetingHub, heralds a new era for Alliance and those who are part of the Network. We look forward to working closely with Your City Office and welcoming the exciting new opportunities that this venture represents."

About ABCN

The Alliance Business Centers Network was founded by Frank Cottle, a pioneer and respected visionary in the business, in 1992. Today, Alliance is the largest global network of serviced offices in the world, with more than 650 locations in 40 countries. Combining the best of people, place and technology, Alliance provides solutions to mobile workers, entrepreneurs, small businesses and corporates.

About Your City Office

Your City Office is a leading provider of worldwide Office Space and Virtual Office Solutions online. Founded by Simeon Gabriel Howard in 2005, Your City Office provides third party technology and consultative advice to operators whom are seeking individuals and businesses looking for flexible office space or virtual office services in London, the UK, and across the world.

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PBC to Open Workspace Location in BOMA 360 Performance Building
April 22, 2016

Premier Business Centers, a leading workspace provider and an Alliance Business Centers Network Member, is set to open a new location in the Homer Building, Washington D.C.

The 12,687 sq. foot location will offer 54 full-time offices - furnished and unfurnished, as well as high-speed internet, telephone answering services, day offices, meeting and conference rooms, virtual office options, part-time office space memberships, and administrative services and support.

The long-standing ABCN member will boast its new office location in the twelve-story Neo-Classical Homer Building, designed in 1913 by Appleton Prentiss Clark. The building is located atop the distinguished Metro Center station and has a rooftop terrace with views of the DC skyline.

Mark Burger, Senior VP of Sales & Marketing, comments,

“Premier has been very strong and continues to be very strong on the West Coast; that’s not going to change. So we’re proactively working on getting a stronger presence in the Eastern part of the country. DC was the obvious choice, and the Homer Building in particular is a great opportunity for us; the building is at a great location, a nice building, and it's going to be very attractive for our customer.”

One of the reasons why the new DC location is likely to attract customers is that the Homer Building is a BOMA 360 performance building. Meaning that it operates under the best business practices in the areas of: building operations and management, life safety, security and risk management, training and education, energy, environmental sustainability, and tenant relations and community involvement.

No doubt this will give Premier a competitive advantage in the DC flexible workspace market. Though Mr. Burger admits that “there’s a lot of workspace options in the DC market that operate with high quality products and services,” he also believes that there’s room for everyone. And a BOMA certification backing their location choice can prove to be helpful.

According to BOMA International, BOMA 360 buildings tend to attract new clients and tend to earn higher scores in 47 out of 50 tenant satisfaction categories. As we’ve discussed in OT previously, tenants are the #1 enabler of our industry, so keeping them happy and preventing member churn is a must for the success of any workspace operator.

Premier Business Center’s new DC location is set to open in the coming weeks, sometime between early to mid May.

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The Alliance Network in Seoul: HJ Business Centers
April 18, 2016

The Alliance Network continues its portfolio expansion, this time in Seoul with new member HJ Business Center.

In the heart of Gangnam on Teheran Street, the business mecca of Seoul, HJ Business Centers first opened its doors in 2011. Unlike the typical business center, HJ has embraced modern times and needs by offering a variety of services - from executive suites to coworking spaces, to virtual office services and conference rooms - that can be rented out on daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Sopia Kim, Sales Manager of HJ Business Centers, shares with us how joining the Alliance Network as well as Alliance Virtual Offices will allow them to grow in an international market.

“We have been experiencing a saturated and competitive market in Korea and have been looking for new opportunities to market to international clients. We realize that ABCN and AVO can help us break barriers and provide unique exposure.”

At the same time, Ms. Kim mentions how the decision to join the Alliance Business Centers Network was also greatly influenced by the fact that ABCN is known for its industry knowledge.

“Being a part of ABCN is a huge benefit in regards to sharing information and ideas with other like-minded organizations.”

Sopia is referring to ABCN’s annual conferences and forums, the next of which will take place May 3-6 in Los Angeles in collaboration with the Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC).

HJ Business Centers is hoping to establish itself as a strong member of the global flexible workspace community: “we want a voice and a reputation,” Sopia says.

Currently operating at full capacity, HJ Business Center saw the need to increase its available workspace. The Seoul based operator opened a new floor of workstations earlier this year, and their marketing strategy is focused on acquiring international clients.

“Currently 30% of our clients are foreign companies. We want to increase this to 50%; joining the Alliance Network and adding our Center to Alliance Virtual Offices listings will help us reach this goal.”

HJ Business Centers has been steadily growing since they first opened back in 2011 with one floor of available workspace. Two years after they launched, they added a second floor to their portfolio and this year, due to clients’ demands and needs, they opened another floor of workstations; this last one fully dedicated to coworking spaces.

As for the future, by the end of 2016 we’ll see HJ increase their capacity and by 2021 we can expect them to have more than 30 HJ Business Center branches available in the global market.

“We hope that by starting and continuing a successful relationship with the Alliance Network and Alliance Virtual Offices we can achieve and reach our goals.” - Sopia Kim, Sales Manager.

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An Alliance Network Flexible Workspace Operator that Operates Differently
April 14, 2016

Business Central, a California based workspace operator with over 30 years of experience recently joined the Alliance Network.

The Alliance Network has grown significantly this year, adding various operators to its portfolio. Just a few weeks ago, Business Central joined their ranks, bringing with them a different operating concept to that of most workspace operators out there.

Operating since 1981, Business Central has evolved and learned many things throughout the years. Darcy Bacsko, Partner, describes how they have been developing and refining the office space model since their beginnings.

“We have learned over time that larger properties, which are now our model, work much better than the executive suite model. The 40,000 sq. foot and larger footprint offers significantly more size options for clients as well as different economies of scale. This allows us to offer lower prices than that of other options in our market.”

Not only is Business Central highly experienced, they also own their centers’ buildings, which, according to Ms. Bacsko, gives them an extra layer of competitive advantage.

“Owning our properties eliminates the middleman pricing mark up, allows us to receive direct benefit from the minimal TI’s needed as tenants turn lowering occupancy costs, and makes investing in energy savings a financial benefit as well.”

Financial benefits aside, owning your operating building also has the advantage of allowing you to design it as you see fit. One way in which Business Central has made the best of this opportunity is by designing buildings that have the ability to expand or shrink in space as clients need it.

“We make moves within the building easy and cost effective for our members. Companies grow and shrink more often than they initially expect and our buildings are designed and managed in such a way that they’re always prepared for these shifts.”

Because they’ve had full-control of their buildings and operations, Business Central has been able to constantly evolve and innovate, staying ahead and competitive in the industry. Even so, they’re sure that just as they’ve innovated others have too, a thought that led them to join the Alliance Network.

ABCN Founder, Frank Cottle, is known for his thought-leadership and involvement in the industry. By becoming a member of the Alliance Network, Business Central hopes to be more involved and see where the industry is going and how operators on a global scale innovate and drive the industry.

They’re also hoping to expand to new markets while maintaining the local ownership component, which is why they are “looking for operational as well as marketing successes to expand current efforts. It’s time to share and listen to other innovators and see what opportunities we can find to improve offerings and profitability.”

She’s quite right. An effort ABCN is currently pushing is how operators of all types can learn from one another (a topic that will be discussed during Alliance’s Meeting this May 3-6 in Los Angeles). Joining the Network will allow them to learn industry best practices for Center profitability, which can only happen if what they’re doing is working for clients as well.

The success of any Center is dependent on the success of its clients.

“Our signature effort in fostering community and interaction between our clients is Friday morning breakfast. Every Friday, we prepare breakfast for our clients to enjoy so as to foster socialization. It’s at these types of events that our members get to know each other on a personal level and start referring or doing business with each other.”

Own buildings, foster community, part of a strong Network. We’ll be keeping an eye out for Business Central and what they’ll bring to the table.

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Truth in Numbers: Statistics on Customer Service from Kempinski Group at ABCN WorldView Forum
April 15, 2014

Kempinski Hotel Group is Europe's oldest luxury hotel group with an ever-expanding property portfolio including historic grand hotels, city hotels, resorts and residences.

There are some famous names attached to the Kempinski brand such as the Hotel Adlon in Berlin, the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, the Taschenbergpalais in Dresden, and the Çırağan Palace in Istanbul. Kempinski is also a founder member of the hotel network Global Hotel Alliance (GHA), which is active worldwide.

So when Kempinski talks, people listen.

At ABCN WorldView Forum 2014 in Budapest Thursday April 10th, Balazs Csidei, Director of Hospitality Training at the Kempinski Hotel Group, spoke about the importance of "brand". As Balazs eloquently puts it "Brand is a collection of perceptions in the mind of the customer. It's a promise and an experience. It should be a memory."

Lofty words, perhaps, but nowhere do they ring more true than in the business center industry where office space is becoming more and more centered around "perceptions in the minds of the customer" and less around desks and doors.

Jo Disney, Senior Editor for Allwork, and a speaker at the annual global event, attended the discussion. We thought we'd share some interesting statistics from the session:

  • 86% of people are willing to pay more for a better customer experience.
  • 89% will switch to your brand for a better customer experience.
  • A dissatisfied customer will tell 9-15 people about their experience (13% tell more than 20 people!)
  • 86% of consumers stop doing business with you because of bad customer service.
  • For every customer complaint there will be 26 others who have remained silent.
  • 73% are loyal to a brand because of great customer experience.
These are some impressive percentages and give one pause for thought. Truly brand and customer experience go hand in hand.

However, building a brand out of a service-focused philosophy takes time and dedication; well illustrated by the staying power of giants like Kempinski.

For business center owners and operators, questions come to mind such as: is your brand reliant upon excellent service? And, if so, are you delivering it consistently? How you answer those questions may determine your success in delivering a "promise and an experience" to your clients.

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Alliance Business Centers Launches in Doha, Qatar
March 03, 2016

Continuing its rapid expansion across the RMEA region, Alliance Business Centers is delighted to announce the launch of a new business center at Palm Tower in Doha, Qatar.

The latest addition to ABCN's expanding portfolio in RMEA (Russia, Middle East and Africa) occupies a prestigious location in Palm Tower (B) - a landmark building in West Bay, the main business district of Doha, Qatar.

The new business center provides 11,800 sq ft of flexible workspace, comprising 24 offices and 44 workstations throughout Palm Tower's unique hexagonal formation. The new center formally opened in November 2015, and has already attracted a high level of interest from small businesses, startups and independent professionals within the city.

Sherif Kamel, CEO of Alliance Business Centers RMEA, commented:

"We at ABCN always focus on selecting premium locations for our business centers, and without fail, ABCN Qatar is a leading example of this. West Bay is the main business hub in Doha and ABCN has already reached 60% occupancy as of now.

"West Bay is a prestigious location, with high-profile neighbors ranging from international corporations to embassies. At ABCN, we provide our clients with a unique opportunity to network with the elite, combined with a professional business environment and a 5 star service at all times."

In addition to the provision of furnished turnkey office space, fully equipped meeting rooms and state of the art technology, ABCN Qatar offers many business services designed to support and nurture its clients' businesses. These services include personalized telephone answering from trained receptionists, mail receipt and dispatch, administrative support, concierge services, meeting room booking and facilitation, greeting clients and guests, and more.

Frank Cottle, Chairman and CEO of ABCN, commented:

“Sherif and the RMEA team have done a tremendous job implementing the philosophy of quality services, facilities and amenities that we have espoused for decades. It’s truly a model of what a luxury serviced office brand looks like.

“We will continue to grow and thrive with this model, and I look forward to continue working with this fast moving and creative team.”

In addition, the Palm Tower is one of Doha's most recognized skyscrapers and offers exemplary views of the city skyline and the Persian Gulf.

ABCN Qatar's position at West Bay provides an accessible location for business clients and their visitors, within walking distance of many business and leisure amenities including shopping malls, and prestigious hotels such as the W Hotel and the Four Seasons. Qatar is set to launch a new metro service by 2018, which will further facilitate straightforward travel around the city.

As Qatar's capital and fastest growing city, not to mention one of the Middle East's most important financial centers, Doha is an exemplary location for businesses looking to develop a presence within the region. ABCN Qatar's Palm Tower business center is a world-class facility designed to support growing businesses, and to help create the very best first impressions.

ABCN Qatar is based at Block B, 15th Floor, The Palm Tower, West Bay, Doha, Qatar. Call +974 403 42000 or visit to learn more about our business support services in Doha.

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Alliance Business Centers Network Partners with Online Booking Specialist, Appointedd
September 26, 2016

Alliance Business Centers Network, one of the world's largest serviced and virtual office networks, has partnered with Edinburgh-based online booking specialist, Appointedd.

The unique deal will see Appointedd power online appointment setting for Live Receptionist clients, enabling ABCN's virtual office company, Alliance Virtual Offices, to launch a new receptionist service for clients in the form of real-time appointment-setting — a first for the Alliance brand.

The partnership will also enhance the digital support offering for 500,000 customers across ABCN's global portfolio of 700 serviced offices in 52 countries.

The deal, which is Appointedd's largest to date, represents a potential US$15-20million in revenue for the companies over the next three years.

Appointedd's disruptive software delivers a comprehensive set of features including online booking, customer relationship management and marketing automation. The software revolutionizes processes for businesses in a range of sectors, from service companies to global business development agencies. Appointedd's system stood out due to its unique multi-timezone booking functionality, an innovation they credit with establishing a global market for their technology.

Appointedd's founder and CEO, Leah Hutcheon, said:
"It is so wonderful to work with an organization that cares so much about its customers. ABCN is dedicated to empowering the businesses that use its services and this deal will give them access to technology that will help them to thrive in the modern workplace.
"Frank and his team are innovators and they are passionate about giving their customers the best tool for the job. The management team at ABCN have been unrelenting in their search to find the best in class technology platform to run their business on, and we are delighted that Appointedd has been selected to underpin the fantastic service they already provide for their customers."

ABCN's CEO and Chairman, Frank Cottle, said:
"ABCN works with 700 offices across 52 countries, so it was important we could scale any software platform globally. It was important to us that we found the right solution for our varied customer base, which ranges from freelancers to multi-national corporations, each using a great variety of software and applications.
"After considerable research, we found that Appointedd is the most rounded online booking platform. Appointedd's multi-timezone functionality is the only system in the world that would enable our users to book appointments in multiple timezones seamlessly."

Hutcheon added:
"We are extremely proud of our technology – we are the world's only multi-timezone online booking platform. This enables us to deliver seamless online bookings across multiple timezones at once, a service that is revolutionizing the way international business is done. Our technology not only allows freelancers to travel the globe, it's the solution to support global companies. Whether it's a large multinational organization, or a digital nomad who travels often, Appointedd's software enables businesses to be booked 24/7, even if they are located across several timezones."

ABCN was founded in 1992 by Frank Cottle, who formerly owned a leading business center brand. Today, Alliance is the largest global network of serviced offices in the world with more than 700 locations in 52 countries. Combining the best of people, place and technology, Alliance provides solutions to mobile workers, entrepreneurs, small businesses and corporates.

Appointedd has attracted investment from a wide range of investors, including Gareth Williams, founder of Skyscanner, and Marie Macklin CBE, founder of Macklin Enterprise Partnerships. The company has been growing steadily month on month since it launched in 2014, and this deal represents a step change in its potential scale.

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Alliance Welcomes New Member, American Executive Centers
September 2016

In September 2016, the Alliance Business Centers Network welcomed a brand new member in the form of American Executive Centers (AEC), who brought onboard six new business centers.

Among them is its sought-after serviced office center in Philadelphia, located in the heart of the city at 1515 Market Street.

Other AEC locations in the Greater Philadelphia area now listed on include Radnor, Malvern, Plymouth Meeting, Bala Cynwyd and Marlton.

In addition to welcoming a brand new member, the Alliance Network was delighted to introduce a new Peruvian business center in September 2016 from existing Alliance member, The Office.

Based in Lima, Peru, the workspace is located on Avenue Alberto del Campo in the city's coastal Magdalena del Mar district, an attractive area close to the beaches of Lima. This new addition to the Alliance Network is the second building from The Office, located just a short distance from their other business center in Lima's San Isidro district.

We are delighted to welcome these new business centers in Philadelphia and Lima to the Alliance family.

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Alliance Expands California Workspace Offering with 4 ROC Centers
October 2016

Californian flexible workspace operator and Alliance member, Real Office Centers (ROC), added a further four business center locations to the Alliance Business Centers Network in October.

ROC currently operates 12 workspace centers throughout California (Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego) and Hawaii, offering a variety of workspace and membership options to support growing businesses.

From coworking day passes and virtual offices to full-time serviced offices and conference rooms, ROC is a veteran of the flexible workspace movement and a valued long-term member of the Alliance Network.

In October 2016 ROC added four workspace centers to its Alliance membership, which are now listed on

ROC members can look forward to a wide range of business benefits including supportive receptionist services, fast Wi-Fi, great coffee and a vibrant community environment. All of ROC's office centers are professionally staffed and beautifully finished with comfortable furnishings and attractive decor, in world-class locations around California and Hawaii.

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Alliance Welcomes 7 New Business Centers and a New Member in Brazil
December 2016

We welcomed a number of new business centers into the Alliance Business Centers Network in November and December 2016.

Existing members based across North America and the UK together introduced 7 new flexible workspace locations into the Alliance family. These centers range from high-end serviced offices in London, to beautiful business centers in Plantation FL, Mt. Laurel, NJ and Allen, TX, among others.

In addition, Alliance was delighted to welcome a brand new member into the Network in December.

Ifinity Office Network made its Alliance debut with a fantastic business center in the Alpha Enterprise building, based in the Alphaville district of São Paulo, Brazil. Infinity's smart and professional business center offers a modern and well-equipped flexible workspace environment with on-site support staff, making it the ideal location for startups and growing businesses.

Infinity Office Network has joined the world's largest and most established business center network, and can now take full advantage of Alliance's brand affiliation and global competitive edge.

As to our existing members, Alliance was delighted to introduce 7 new centers throughout November and December, including:

  • Quest Workspaces - S. Pine Island, Plantation, FL
  • Premier Business Centers - Atrium Way, Mt. Laurel, NJ
  • Premier Business Centers - One Allen Center, Allen, TX
  • Metro Offices - Greensboro Station Place, McLean, VA
  • Executive Suites of Minnesota - Tamarack Hills, Woodbury, MN
  • Avanti Executive Suites - Owens Avenue, Carlsbad, CA
  • Landmark Offices - Garden Studios, Covent Garden, London

To all business centers from our members old and new, welcome to the Alliance advantage!

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Alliance Business Centers Launches New Workspaces in RMEA
January 2017

Alliance Business Centers is delighted to announce continued expansion across RMEA (Russia, Middle East and Africa), including the launch of 3 new business centers across the region.

Back in 2015, during an interview with Allwork, President of Alliance Business Centers for RMEA, Sherif Kamel announced his intention to launch professional serviced offices in RMEA under the Alliance brand.

By the end of 2016, Sherif delivered on his promise by launching 3 new business centers in the region. These are located at:

Korston Tower marks Alliance's Russian debut, and brings its total RMEA portfolio to six impressive locations.

Other areas now serviced by Alliance include the Palm Tower in Doha, Qatar and two business centers in Dubai, UAE, at Dubai Business Village and Dubai Silicon Oasis.

Find out more about Alliance Business Centers in RMEA via the following websites:

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Alliance Starts 2017 in Style
February 2017

The Alliance Business Centers Network enjoyed a fantastic year in 2016, during which scores of new members and business centers joined the Alliance family, and 3 new business centers were successfully launched in the RMEA region.

Fresh from a triumphant year, Alliance started 2017 in style and continued its expansion trail by welcoming 3 new members to the network throughout January and February.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest members: Virtual Office by Design, Vivo Offices LLC, and Virtual Office Services by Castle Financial.

Their workspaces can be found on at the following locations:

In addition, Alliance welcomed two new locations from our existing members. Hollywood Executive Office Suites has introduced a new virtual office location at Venture Corporate Center in Hollywood, FL, to Alliance's partner site Same Day Virtual.

Ultimate Office Solutions, an existing Alliance member with a portfolio of serviced offices in Sydney, Australia, has added its new Bond Street business center to the Network.

We are happy to create so many new positive alliances with flexible workspace operators across the world, and we are delighted to start 2017 as we mean to go on.

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